Great Reasons Why You Should Use Tents On Wooden Platforms

When camping, you will have various things to consider. Tents on wooden platforms are very comfortable for many reasons. Finding the right balance of comfort and protection when camping is essential.

You should have the right balance of protection as well as be able to enjoy the outdoors experience. If you plan your next camping trip, this article will help you understand why you should use a tent on wooden platforms.

Camping is not only about getting away from city life for a few days and sleeping outside; it’s about rediscovering our connection with nature, appreciating its beauty, learning new skills, and growing as an individual. 

With that in mind, here are some great reasons why you should use a tent on wooden platforms if you want to get the most out of your next camping trip.

You’ll Have a Dry And Comfortable Place To Sleep in Tents on Wooden Platforms

Tents on wooden platforms

When camping, you want a dry and comfortable place to sleep. Tents on wooden platforms will give you just that. Dry and restful sleep is probably one of the most important things when you are outdoors.

It’s also essential that you are comfortable when you sleep. A wooden platform will give you plenty of room to move around and rest as you want. You won’t feel cramped or have a difficult time sleeping when you’re camping. 

You’ll Be Off The Ground And Away From Creepy Crawlies

Tents on wooden platform might protect you from, well – too much nature. When you sleep above the ground, you will be away from creepy crawlies. If you have a wooden platform, you will have to worry much less about spiders, non-flying bugs, and other creepy crawlies getting inside your tent.

You will be off the ground and away from these things when you have a tent on the wooden platform. You can rest assured insects won’t find their way into your tent when you sleep above the ground.

So, if creepy crawlies are a concern for you, or you are camping together with your family, tents on wooden platforms might be the thing to consider for your next camping trip.

Tents on Wooden Platforms Offer Great Storage Options

If you are camping in an area where you will have limited storage options, tents on wooden platforms will help with storage. When you have a tent on the wooden platform, you can use the space of the platform for extra storage options.

Water canisters, secured boxes with supplies, and even comfortable chairs and dining table might find their place on such a wooden platform. In our humble opinion, it raises your camping trip to a new comfort level.

It’s a Good, Solid Structure That Improves Your Canvas Tent!

The tent on wooden platforms is a good and solid structure that comes with your tent. Wooden tent platforms are an excellent option for those who want more comfort while preserving a canvas tent’s natural look and feel.

These tent platforms are made of wood, so they can come in various colors and styles. They are often made of teak, cedar, or oak. Most wooden platforms can be stained to match your existing tent or left in natural wood color.

So, as you see, wooden platforms can be an excellent choice for canvas tent setups. They are often relatively easy to set up, much easier than a concrete platform. They are also much more affordable and easier to transport than a concrete platform.

Keep in mind that wooden tent platforms can be very susceptible to rotting if they are not properly maintained. They do not provide the same level of stability and strength as a concrete platform, so they are not often recommended for heavy-duty events or for extremely heavy canvas tents.

When choosing a wooden platform, it is essential to treat it to prevent rot. You can often find these platforms at reasonable prices at flea markets or yard sales, or you can also have them custom-made at lumber yards.

How Do You Attach a Tent To a Wooden Platform?

When you want to attach a tent to a wooden platform, you must know how to do so correctly. Connecting your tent to the wooden platform is essential to using a tent on a wooden platform.

So, if you want to attach a tent to a wooden platform, you will need to do the following: first, place your wooden platform in a flat, level area where you want to set up your tent. Next, you will need to place your tent on the wooden platform.

You will need to ensure the wooden platform is connected to the ground. You will then need to use tent stakes to secure the tent to the wooden platform.

How Do You Set Up a Non-Freestanding Tent On a Platform?

The first thing to do is ensure that the platform is level, especially if you set your tent up on a wooden one. If you are setting up on gravel or sand, make sure it is packed down as much as possible.

Next, you must ensure the tent’s frame will fit on the platform. Then you need to ensure that the tent is secured to the platform. Most platforms are not very solid, so you will likely need to put something underneath it to ensure it doesn’t move around too much.

A non-freestanding tent must be secured to the platform using tent stakes. To set up a tent on a platform, first, be sure that the tent and the platform are at level with each other. Then, secure tent stakes into the platform through the holes in the tent’s fabric and tie off the tent to the tent stakes.

Once the tent is secured, tighten the guy ropes until the tent is taut, and insert the tent peg into the hole in the platform to secure the tent.


Camping can be an excellent experience for everyone, but having the right gear is essential. Wooden platforms are a great place to put a tent. They provide you with plenty of room to move around, and you will be off the ground and away from creepy crawlies.

Wooden platforms offer great storage options, which can be considered a canvas tent improvement! These reasons will probably make you consider tents on wooden platforms when planning your next camping trip.

You will have a dry and comfortable place to sleep, be off the ground and away from crawling bugs, have great storage options, and have a good and solid structure that comes with your tent!

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