5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Luxury Canvas Tents

Have you ever tried luxury canvas tents camping? There are so many different kinds of camping you can do. From backcountry camping to car camping, there’s something for everyone. But what about luxury canvas tents?

Not every camper is comfortable sleeping in a conventional tent. Some people prefer the feeling of a real bed in the solitude of a canvas tent instead. For those who don’t know, luxury canvas tents have all the comforts of home but with none of the unnecessary things that clutter your home.

These tents come with built-in lighting, storage space, and even electrical sockets, just in case you need to charge your electronics overnight (but that’s already a clutter, isn’t it?). It’s like having a private little resort wherever you go on holiday.

Here are some excellent reasons why you should choose luxury canvas tents over any other kind of tent when you’re looking for your next comfortable camping trip!

So, again, why would you like to choose luxury canvas tents?

You Can Stay Connected

There’s nothing like being able to get outside and recreate while still being able to communicate with the outside world. Whether you’re texting friends or streaming Netflix, having the ability to stay connected is essential when you’re on a glamping trip.

Luxury canvas tents

It’s no wonder why luxury camping tents are so popular. They come with many comfort elements you have at your home. Yet, you have that comfort somewhere in the backwoods glamping camp.

You can even charge your phone while inside the tent. Electricity comes from solar panels or even from the grid on your glamping site.

There are also luxury camping tents that are Wi-Fi enabled. This means you can access the Internet on your phone inside the tent, making it easier for you to stay connected.

If Wi-Fi is not an option on your glamping site, a satellite phone is another great way to stay connected while camping.

Luxury Canvas Tents Come With Storage Space

Are you someone who likes to keep your things organized and clean?

Chances are that you will want some storage space in your luxury camping tent.

Some tents come with built-in storage. This can be anything from a closet for your shoes to a shelf for your lanterns and dinnerware.

Some tents have an overhead storage area, making it easy for you to store your things out of sight. This can be really helpful when it comes to cleaning and tidying up.

It Has Luxurious Amenities

Luxury camping tents will have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. Some luxury tents have built-in lighting, so you don’t have to bring a lantern when camping.

Glamping led lights are always beneficial when it’s getting dark, and you need to read a map for tomorrow’s hiking trip or just read some book while you’re out in the woods. If not that – warm led lights and lanterns can be used to create that cozy glamping vibe!

Many luxury tents come with a power outlet that you can use to charge your phone or other electronic devices while you’re camping.

There are also tents with satellite TV and Wi-Fi, which can be really helpful when you just can’t say goodbye to your city’s luxury items. 

Some luxury camping tents even have a kitchenette so you can make breakfast or dinner while you’re out in the woods. These tents can have a refrigerator and stove or even a microwave!

Guess What? More Luxurious Amenities!

Camping doesn’t need to be rough. Why not have a comfy bed and a fancy toiletries bag? So, a glamping tent might be the best choice if you want to make your camping experience more comfortable. It is a high-end tent that provides all the comforts of home, right at your campsite.

A glamping tent has the same dimensions as a regular tent but has all the luxuries of a hotel room.

It has plush carpets, soft lighting, and beautiful rugs. It has a spacious bathroom with heated floors and toiletries from a high-end brand. It even has a mini kitchen that allows you to make a meal for your loved ones.

It’s Comfortable And Beautiful

There’s a reason why luxury camping tents are so popular. They’re beautiful, and they’re comfortable. Whether you get a usual canvas tent or a glamping tent, you want to make sure that it’s comfortable.

You want to make sure that you get a tent that has a floor that is durable but still soft enough to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Of course, it’s unnecessary if you have that queen-sized bed in your tent!

Also, if you have your own luxury canvas tent and do not just spend a weekend on some Airbnb glamping site, you want to ensure that your tent’s roof and walls are durable and waterproof.

Check them once or twice per season.

Depending on the season, you might also want to ensure your tent has a heat shield or awning to protect you from rain and snow while camping in the wintertime and heat and direct sunlight on the hot summer day.

How Much Does a Glamping Tent Cost?

The cost of a luxury camping tent can vary wildly. Some options might cost $1000 – $2000. Want more space and luxuries? Well, that will bring you closer to $5000 or even more!

One piece of advice before you go shopping. The best way to get a good idea of what tent you need is to go camping and try it! If you have someone to go with who has a fancy tent, you can get a good feeling and understanding of what to expect in terms of cost and whether you need such kind of tent in the first place.

If not, just book that glamping trip on Airbnb.

Some tips to keep in mind while you’re getting a reasonable estimate of what you should be spending on a luxury camping tent are to look at the size of the tent, how many people will live in it, and if it has all the amenities you need.

Final Words

Camping is a beautiful way to spend time with your family and friends and have an excellent time. It’s a great way to regain your sense of independence and a perfect way to be with nature.

However, not everyone enjoys sleeping in an uncomfortable tent and wants to spend their whole vacation in a sleeping bag. If you’re among those who don’t enjoy sleeping on hard ground or wish to experience the feeling of sleeping under the stars but want to do that luxuriously, luxury camping tents are a great option.

They are comfortable and spacious and even come with a mini-fridge for your drinks! However, it’s not cheap to have your own glamping tent. You can get an entry-level luxury camping tent for $1000 or spend thousands of dollars on a tent that will look like a mansion in the woods.

Regardless of how much you spend, you can rest assured that your tent will be comfortable and luxurious.

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