A Guide to Buying a Canvas Tent with Stove Combo

Canvas tent with stove for camping? When it comes to canvas camping, there are two things that every camper must consider: a tent and a stove. While canvas tents vary in size and shape, almost all have one thing in common: canvas walls. A canvas tent is popular among campers due to its lightweight build and easy setup. 

If you’re looking to buy your first stove for a camping tent or upgrade from your current one, this guide is for you! There are many different factors to consider when purchasing a furnace for your canvas tent. This article can help you narrow down which type of stove is right for you, provide tips on how to use it safely, and get the most fun!

Keep reading to learn everything you need to buy a canvas tent and stove combo.

How to save money when buying a canvas tent with stove combo

When purchasing a tent and stove combo, there are many factors to consider. These include the weight, size, and durability of the tent.

While picking a tent stove, you must consider important factors like a fuel source, burn time, capacity, weight, etc.

Canvas tent with stove

The best tent stoves are liquid fuel-powered. They are easy to carry and light in weight. They can be operated with a single matchstick and used anywhere, even in the rainy season. You can use these stoves for cooking or boiling water.

You can find different types of tent stoves in the market. Some popular tent stoves are listed below:

Propane stove – this is the most common type of stove. It works on propane, butane, or natural gas. The significant advantage of this stove is that it is easy to carry, lightweight, and can be operated with a single matchstick. These stoves are perfect for one person or small groups of people. Propane stoves are loved by hikers and campers as a lightweight and durable option.

Liquid fuel stove – as the name suggests, this type of stove works on liquid fuel. You can easily carry these stoves on your back by using a backpack. These stoves are perfect for traveling. These stoves are reliable but usually cost more compared with propane stoves.

Wood-burning stoves – these stoves are a perfect option for those people who want to stay off-grid. These stoves can use paper, cardboard, wood, or any other kind of solid combustible material. These stoves are perfect for long-term camping. These stoves are simple to use and maintain. However, perhaps the most significant advantage of a wood-burning stove is the heat it radiates and the cozy light of burning wood.

As for the tent, additionally, you’ll want to consider the materials and quality of the tent itself. Before you head out to the store to purchase your new tent and stove combo, here are a few ways to save money:

Shop around online – many online retailers offer tent and stove combos at discounts. Some of these online retailers include Amazon and Camping World.

Shop around in your area – many stores offer tent and stove combos at discounts. However, some stores may have other tent models on sale simultaneously, so keep this in mind.

Do canvas tents hold heat?

The canvas material allows heat to pass through, so it won’t do much to keep you warm. If you need to stay warm in your tent, consider sleeping in a sleeping bag or, that’s right – install a wood-burning stove!

Remember that canvas tents are on the thick side when choosing a tent. However, they don’t keep heat in, so they don’t keep you warm. This is due to the material’s organic and breathable nature.

This can lead to uncomfortable conditions in your tent if the temperature outside falls below your comfort zone. If you camp during the winter, a canvas tent is not recommended unless you equip it with a wood-burning stove.

If you camp during high summer, you might be unable to keep the tent cool due to the increased heat. You can solve this issue by investing in an aftermarket tent cooler. Or simply look for a shadow and place your tent there.

Is it safe to have a stove in a tent?

In general, a stove is not recommended for indoor use inside a canvas tent. The heat created by the furnace could damage the tent’s walls and roof. If this were to happen, the tent would have to be repaired or replaced. Worst case scenario – you can set your tent on fire.

Additionally, ensure that no flammable materials are near the stove, such as rugs and sleeping bags. Burning these items can cause a dangerous fire, quickly spreading throughout the tent. If you do not have a way to extinguish the fire, do not try to put it out. Instead, you should leave the tent and seek shelter elsewhere.

If you are camping in an area where a wildfire is possible, follow all national and local fire safety guidelines, such as staying at least 25 feet away from anything that can burn, like trees or brush, during cooking and smoking activities.

Also, try to minimize the time your tent stays in the high-temperature range.

Can you put a wood-burning stove in a tent?

Wood-burning stoves are not recommended for use inside canvas tents. However, they can be used if you strictly follow all safety requirements.

While wood-burning stoves produce heat and light, they can create a significant amount of smoke inside the tent if the furnace is not correctly installed. If you decide to use a wood-burning stove inside your tent, ensure you follow all safety requirements indicated by the stove manufacturer! 

Some stoves have an unsafe igniter near the floor of a tent. A few feet up will keep everyone safe!

Picking a stove that is compatible with your tent is also an important decision to make. Some stoves only fit certain brands, so be sure to research your options. Some wood-burning stoves are designed to burn only in a non-combustible environment, so be sure to research your stove’s design before using it inside a tent.


The hiking and camping experience can be more enjoyable when you have the right gear. Among the items, you will need a tent and a stove. Canvas tents can be pretty expensive, but they are durable. They are easy to set up and pleasant to look at. 

They are also perfect for people who are inexperienced in camping. Setting up a canvas tent is easy and does not require advanced skills. You only need to find the nearest flat area and place the tent there. A canvas tent is available in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily find one that suits your needs. 

You can also add a wooden floor to your canvas tent to make it more attractive and luxurious.

Stoves are another popular topic when talking about canvas camping. They are perfect for heating food or water and providing heat and light. You can choose between different stoves, such as propane, liquid fuel, or wood-burning stoves.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between these three types. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new tent or upgrading your current one with a wood-burning stove. Good research can help you narrow down which type of camping stove is right for you and provide guidance on what upgrades will be most beneficial.

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